Blood Reveals its True Colors

Tami Wisniewski wrote this article.

swoosh. swoosh. swoosh.

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Beauty in the Breast

Chioma Uzoigwe wrote this article.

I possessed more power than the mightiest of warriors.

My charisma spanned limitless ages
I captivated the youngest and oldest of audiences
Provoked the enamored into fits of jealous rage
My beauty was too great.

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To My Castings

Erica Sison wrote this article.

To body number 1…
Spreading and covering your body
I feel the texture of your skin
Soft to touch yet
Certain parts wrinkling

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The Woman Awakens

Deborah Nuber wrote this article.

In the dreamy, tranquil warmth of awareness
Her fears are banished
Her mortality now distant
She is empowered by her triumph
Her heart soars on the wings of new hope
As the woman awakens.

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A Surgeon Cuts

Echezona Ezeanolue wrote this article.

One by one they walked in
Expecting me to cut the hand that fed me
As I wrestled with this in my mind
I prayed that I would be right
That the cancer had not spread
But limited to the breast tissue
As I made a mark around my surgery site
I wondered what a loss
My patient might feel
With the first flash of blood
I bit my lips

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