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The Permeable Threat to the Digitized Being of Us

What’s going on with the latest rash of online password thefts?  What is the thrill in posting this information on the internets?  Is possessing the passwords of other people an ego boost or a public rant against insecure information stored on the web?

First LinkedIn, then eHarmony, and now possibly As the number of sites falling victim to password hackers continues to grow, the questions are flooding in: are these incidents all connected? And, perhaps more importantly, who’s next?

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Facebook as Probiotic: I Now Have 5,000 Friends

This morning, at 9:27am, I reached that magical, if mythical, Facebook manna milestone of having 5,000 friends!  That’s the limit.  Facebook won’t let me have more than 5,000 friends.  I’ve maxed out my Facebook social network. Now what?

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LinkedIn Creates Circles

January 26, 2009.  I no longer like LinkedIn.  I now Loathe LinkedIn.
  However, I am keeping the remainder the review below intact to preserve the breadcrumb record of experience and recognition as it happened.

I believe in the power of circles.  I believe in mending broken circles.  I believe in creating new arcs that lead to closing circles.  When I was invited this week to become a member of LinkedIn, I was wary at first, because I do not like social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace because showboating and friends-gathering is more valued than finding information and tending intimate circles.
LinkedIn is unique.  LinkedIn is clean and cogent.  LinkedIn is about creating business contacts — and the whole idea behind the service is you only add people to your network that you already know.  You can check out my LinkedIn profile — and add me to your network if you know me — by touching the button below.

LinkedIn Profile

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