Oscar Pistorius Wins the London Olympics!

On May 19, 2008, in my RelationShaping article — Carbon-Fiber Legs Racing for Olympic Gold — I wrote the following celebrating legless Olympic hopeful runner Oscar Pistorius who had been denied his shot at competing against able-bodied runners. He was banned by the International Association of Athletics Federations as having an “unfair advantage” because his false legs were seen as a mechanical edge in a race:

For anyone to claim that a man who runs on false legs is somehow advantaged over those with real legs is not only the height of hilarity, but also the cause of ongoing immoral human corruption.

I am always amazed how many average people are outraged when non-average people are provided “reasonable accommodation” under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991.

When Marlee Matlin recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars there were some — including the judges — that felt she deserved no reasonable accommodation in the grading of her dancing because “she has to be treated just like everyone else” even though she is profoundly Deaf since birth and cannot hear music.

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When Police Officers Give Up on Cases

A crime is committed. The police are called in on it or discover it in some other way. They are going to pursue it until they discover the person or people behind the crime — or so would have been my understanding of how the police works. I knew that the police abandoned certain cases that were just impossible to solve for whatever reason — perhaps the criminal involved covered their traces too well. What I was not aware of was exactly the extent to which the police simply give up on cases. In the UK that number is shockingly high — and even higher in London — as many as half of the cases, according to an article in the Daily Mail:

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Summer of Terror: London and Glasgow

The terror bombing threats over the weekend in London and Glasgow remind us how tenuous our lives are in the new mixed world of internationalism and religious fanaticism.
Are we, as some news media sites claim, in for a Summer of Terror?

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