Only Children are the Only Good Children

Only Children unite! We are special! We are misunderstood! We are good in ways Ordinary Children can never achieve! If you are one of the unlucky Ordinary who had to share with brothers and/or sisters while growing up, we pity you, and please allow us some sharp elbow room as we take a moment to celebrate the goodness of Only Children. We understand only Only Children will understand most of this post.

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Alone but Not Lonely

by Nancy McDaniel

Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote of “the restorative idleness of solitude” in his excruciatingly beautiful novel, Love in the Time of Cholera. I was profoundly struck by the poignancy of those words. How beautifully, if incongruously, they flowed. However, it was more personally important to me, how apt they were in describing a certain phase of my life.

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