Fast Food Forgetfulness and the Poverty of Memory Loss

Eat a Big Mac.  Lose your mind.  Is there a link between eating fast food and Alzheimer’s?  Susanne Akterin, a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, believes she has found the cause-and-effect for that behavioral disease.

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Six Thousand Languages

We currently have 6,000 languages in active use across the world; by 2050 we will have lost half of them.  Peter K. Austin, in — One Thousand Languages — takes us on a multicultural tour of the most interesting remaining languages.

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The Second Betrayal: Stung in the Smothering Sky

Were you ever lost as a child and the experience shook you so much that the experience sticks with you today? When I was young, my cousin and I were playing together at a park — a proving grounds — during a Fourth of July city celebration and it was a night I will never forget.

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Things We Have Lost

Today we live in perpetual moments of melancholia that now define our modern lives. We do not live in a state of regret, but we live with an ongoing consciousness of things we have lost. How do we handle the recognition that, over the last four years, so many precious things have been forever stolen from us?

We have lost our sense of sanctuary. There are no safe places. We cannot find protection in schools, mosques, churches, or even with each other. We have lost our right to privacy.

We walk the streets and we are watched. We enter public buildings and we are required to provide ID just to remain in the building.

We surveil our neighbors. People different from us — in color and tone and financial stature — are our silent enemies and are ripe for the reporting. We have lost our joy to depravity.

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Lion in the Snow: The Untimely Death of James Kim

James Kim was found dead yesterday. Lion in the Snow

His life, and his untimely death, were generally overshadowed by the harrowing Baker-Hamilton report on Iraq that, while intriguing, will go nowhere fast because the president and his policy henchmen refuse to confess a mistake or do the right thing.

James Kim was found alone and frozen in the backwoods of Southern Oregon by a search and rescue effort that had previously found his wife and two young children alive in their car.

James Kim set out on his own — like a lion in the snow, uncertain and unaware, but brave in an element that was not his own and strong in the face of nature as he sank into the teeth of the unknown — to seek help for his family.

The Kim family had all been stranded together in their car without much food since Thanksgiving. His wife breastfed the children.

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Permalinks Death Penalty

Never change your Blog permalinks!
I learned that lesson the hard way.
If you have no idea what I am talking about that is great news.
Stop reading now!
Click the Back button on your browser and read something else!
(A five second pause as the Back button is clicked…)
Okay, then. 

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Little Boy Lost

by Steve Gaines

in the over green spring of 1998…
I was playing tourist in time
traveling back into the distant childhood of my mother
in my white Japanese station wagon
my older brother beside me
on our way to Elk City, Nebraska

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