The Rhythm of Writing

When you’re in the midst of writing something, you settle into a natural rhythm.  The words set the backbeat and the fingers follow the melody in your mind.  Yesterday, when I sat down to write about the sun, there was a lot of racket outside my window as four corners of an intersection were being torn up to replace the sewer drains.  I decided to put on my closed-ear headphones, crank some iTunes music to drown out the heavy machinery, and write my article.  I discovered, to my dismay, that something had changed as my natural writing manner was out-of-sync with my eye.  My fingers couldn’t find the melody.  My words had no natural backbeat.

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Ear Memory: Repetition of Sound and Music

Have you ever listened to a single song over and over and over again on a regular basis? I do and I have and I will. I seem to pick a “Song for the Day” that matches my mood and then I let iTunes play that song over and over and over for up to 12 hours at a time.

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