You Love Everything!

For some reason, I tend to do a lot of street talking with my local mailmen.  After our old carrier retired last year, our new carrier is even older, and perhaps, kinder, and he is a traditional Indian gentleman Sikh who wears a Dastar that matches the pewter blue color of his official United States Postal Service uniform.  He is very proper and absolutely resolute in everything he does.

We’ll call our new mailman “Jerry” to protect his privacy.  I always run into Jerry on the street, and I warned him when he first started that I would always say “Hi” when I saw him on the street just because I’m from the Midwest and that’s how we operate and I can’t help myself to pretend I don’t see him.  Jerry seemed to be okay with that, and we often exchange pleasantries on the street and oftentimes we stop and chat a bit.

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In the Company of Alpacas

While my wife Elizabeth and seventeen month old son Chaim Yosef were recently visiting Washington State, we had a fantastic opportunity to visit a farm and to see some interesting animals including a miniature pony and a pack of alpacas. It was the alpacas that we had come to see and that I had long been interested in seeing ever since I had the idea for a humor website based on Lolcats that would be called Lolalpacaz. I never made the site but my fascination with the animal continued even though they are a fairly goofy looking animal.

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