Elizabeth's Last Breath: Ten Sentence Story #105

And so Elizabeth knew the gargoyles had leapt from the top of the Cathedral and come down to earth to take her back into their dark realm because she could smell the wet earth wiggling between their toes.

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News Must Be Critical

The role of any news department is to be critical in its coverage.

We do not need fawning and admiration from those delivering the news to us.

We need objectivity that is only created with a critical eye and deep analysis of what is happening to us in the world.

One must not need include two sides for any story.  Sometimes one side lies in order to cover the truths of the other and if those lies are proffered to us as “fairness in coverage” then those providing the podium for the lies are just as guilty of lying as those inventing the mistruths.

Our major media outlets need to step away from power and politics and money and return their loyalty and protections to the people who seek the truth in reporting from them even if it means the revelation of darkness pretending to be light and blood covering bodies in pieces.

Spanish Star-Spangled Banner

The current uproar over singing the American national anthem in Spanish instead of English is another cudgel against whipping the immigrant experience in the United States.


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