The Joy and Necessity of Diaphragmatic Breathing

One of my worst habits is holding my breath.  If I’m in a stress situation, I stop breathing.  If I am in high-concentration mode, I stop breathing.  When I tend to exercise — even during my Yoga asanas — I tend to forget where I am and hold my breath instead of breathing properly.

The reason it is a bad idea to hold your breath — except when you’re under the water and such — is because holding your breath spikes your blood pressure something awful.  Your face changes color.  Your heart rate rises.  Your whole innards are about to explode through your noggin.

Learning how to effectively breathe is key — not only during Yoga and aerobic exercise — but during your regular, ordinary, life as well.

The problem with our breathing is that so few of us do it properly.  We breathe by expanding our ribcage instead of dropping our diaphragms and extending our stomachs.

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Steam Cleaning Comes to Lungs

Our lungs are incredibly powerful and do one of the most important jobs in the entire body — delivering oxygen, without which we would be unable to live. Try holding your breath for a minute and you will quickly see how important it is to have functioning lungs. We abuse our lungs on a regular basis through different means — modern living brings us the pollution of industry, car exhaust, as well as second hand and occasionally first hand smoke. For too many people, cigarette smoking still has a powerful grip and cannot be shaken regardless of how many graphic warnings are shown.

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The Strange Breathlessness of

I saw a strange television advertisement the other day for and I was surprised to learn the American Heart Association is now suggesting you can do CPR — Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation — without the Pulmonary!

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