After 27 Years, a Wary Return to Windows 11

Yes, it’s been 27 years since I last used a Windows machine on a regular basis. For 27 years I have been ham-holded and tongue-fisted deep in the bowels of the Apple universe. Alas, that regimented siloing of intention, and desire, is no more and the reason for the switch is simple: You just can’t stream live as well on a Mac machine as you can on a Windows machine. Here’s why:

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1Password Protects and Prevents

We live in a threatening and dangerous world where we cannot even trust our own government not to deceive and disappoint us.  Security of our proprietary information is paramount in the vulnerable warp and woof of our social fabric, and that’s why — even when I first reviewed 1Password way back on December 8, 2009 — I knew securing all my passwords in a single, super-hardened, space was not only important, but necessary:

It took me several days to change and update all my passwords — but once that dirty deed was done, I was able to relax a bit in my core knowing I now had randomized and much more secure passwords covering my life — and the great thing is I don’t have to remember any of them!

1Password remembers all those passwords and usernames and automatically logs me in with the touch of a button on my web browser.

1Password also has an iPhone app that will sync — unfortunately via WiFi only, and both your computer and iPhone must be on the same WiFi network — your desktop accounts and passwords back and forth so you can be safe and secure when you’re online with your iPhone as well.

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The Apple AirPort Time Capsule Review: 3TB Edition

Of all the electronic doodads I am surrounded by every day, the one I use the most, and the one that gets the least amount of appreciative forethought, is my AirPort Time Capsule — my silent sentinel.  My AirPort Time Capsule connects and manages all my iPhone and iPad and Apple TV and wireless printer WiFi connections to the internets, and it backs up all my most precious data.  When Apple released a new AirPort Time Capsule this week, I loved the new design, and I upped my commitment at the 3TB level and I have been delighted ever since.

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Using Junecloud Delivery Status to Thwart Faked Delivery Attempts

One popular article I wrote for the Boles Blogs Network appeared in Celebrity Semiotic on  August 5, 2010 — Divorcing Amazon Prime Because of A-1 Courier Services Cheating — and that post is still going full-steam with comments, 315 as of this writing, with no end in stopping.  When an article like that stays on blast — it is usually fury and injustice that drives the popularity — all that, plus an excellent Google ranking for a search on “A-1 Courier” always helps.  There would be no searches without the rage, and so the hits, and the comments, keep coming against A-1.

In my replies for the article, I realized I should share my method for thwarting faked delivery attempts from FedEx and UPS and other companies.  Unfortunately, A-1 is not currently in my App cache, and I’m sure they would never want to be included because then their deceptive end game would be over.

I use Junecloud’s excellent Delivery Status on my Mac as a widget and on my iPhone and iPad as an App.  The widget and Apps all communicate with each other via the website, so each device is always in sync with the latest delivery updates and my day is saved in so many ways.

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Why Did MSFT Buy Skype?

Why did Microsoft drop $8.5 billion on Skype?  Are they that terrified of Google Voice that they’ll drop major change on an acquisition they don’t really need?  The deal is ridiculous and upside down and backward.  What was Ballmer thinking?  Is MSFT really going to embed Skype in their products, or was this a proactive buy that leads to a mercy killing?

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My Apple Time Capsule Died Today!

I woke up early this morning only to find my Apple Time Capsule had up and died sometime between Midnight and 5:00am.  I had been expecting that moment to arrive, but I, of course, hoped I would somehow be exempt from the inevitability of misbegotten electronic parts.

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Dumping Firefox for Google Chrome for Mac

I was finally able to test drive a developer release for Google Chrome for Mac over the weekend, and within three minutes of using the browser, I made Chrome my default web browser.  I gladly retired my long, and tepid, association with Firefox.

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