A Boy, a Macaca and a Monkey Walk into a Bar…

The recent race feud between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton basically calling Obama a “boy” and the Senator Macaca mess — all reminded me of the Indian cricketer being accused for racism as he called names while playing a test cricket series in Australia last month. The Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh was accused of calling Andrew Symonds “a monkey” in the Sydney test cricket in Australia and was subsequently banned for next three matches. Here is Symonds in play:

An Indian cricketer calling names of the host is supposed to be the eighth wonder of the world. Or, I think this is a time for brutal directness – calling a spade a spade.

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Are Nooses Hate Crimes?

The Jena 6 happening brought nooses back to the mainstream mindset and we now seem to be in the midst of a media frenzy where nooses are seen everywhere and people are put on edge just waiting to be insulted by a length of knotted rope so they can express their indignant outrage.

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Republicans Branding Black Stereotypes

Is the Republican Party in the USA Racist? Are the GOP — “The Grand Old Party” — kind to Blacks and other minorities, or is their entire purpose and strategy to demonize Blacks and win elections off their backs while only pretending to want and welcome Black skin into power?

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Senator Macaca

Are you up on your macaca and how Republican Senator George Allen from Virginia became known as “Senator Macaca” on the campaign trail for re-election?

Senator Macaca

Depending on how it is spelled, the word macaca could mean either a monkey that inhabits the Eastern Hemisphere or a town in South Africa. In some European cultures, macaca is also considered a racial slur against African immigrants, according to several Web sites that track ethnic slurs.

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