How Much Would You Pay for Content?

How much would you pay a year for access to content found exclusively online?
Would you ever pay an annual subscription fee to read a blog? A newspaper? A magazine? Does the publisher matter or is content the only important king?
Here’s what I pay for online access to a few of my favorite daily reads. I do not receive a hardcopy version of these publications even if they exist.
New York Times Select
I pay around $40 a year for “exclusive access” to some online New York Times content and it is not worth the extra money. The “TimesSelect” content is ordinary and uninteresting. I would pay $1,000.00 a year to read Frank Rich every day but he only publishes once a week on Sundays.

New York TimesSelect Logo

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Stop Sending Me Mail!

I get a lot of mail. I get tons of magazines each week. I get all kinds of offers in the mail. While my mail carrier manages a meek smile when he sees me, I know deep down he doesn’t appreciate me breaking his back with my popularity measured in the pounds of paper he has to lug over every day. 

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Do You Need an Agent?

Yes, you need an Agent if you plan to have a serious career as an author — especially as a book author — because an Agent has value in adding what you don’t know to the publishing equation. In my Writing Advice for Authors message, I dug into the process of writing and I also touched on the importance of having an Agent on your side no matter what sort of paid writing path you choose to pursue.

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