Using HootSuite to Suit Your Social Networking Mesh

If you have more than one social network you want to update, you need a way to effectively interact with your Social Mesh — you need one centerstone from which all thoughts can spike and spire.

I am currently using HootSuite — a social media dashboard that you can configure to help manage updates to your online work life.  A major benefit of HootSuite is that I can think once and publish 20 times.

Propagation is now — the future is no longer singular — we are perpetually pluperfect.

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Men Worry About Knowing, Women Worry About Welfare

In our article — Men of Summer, Women of Winter — we investigated the differences in sport presentation on television based on the male and female form.  Today, we take that analysis a step further with the mysterious and dangerous notion of — When Did You Know? — and its deadly role in the workplace.

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Google Goofs Google Docs

There’s nothing I hate more than when a company “improves” their product to only make it dumber and less friendly than it was before the improvement.  Today’s case-in-point are The Google — who decided to goof with how a Google Docs file is saved and then released from view.

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CPT and Working a White Man Job

Running on CPT is a Racist phrase originally used against Black people to generically describe their lack of time management — but it can now also be effectively used on anyone who is perpetually late.  “CPT” translates to “Colored People’s Time.”

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Mind Manager or Paper Pusher?

When you elect a national leader — do you want a Mind Manager or a Paper Pusher?

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Stop that Check!

$2,500.00 USD was taken out of the checking account of a New Jersey woman who placed a “stop payment” on a check to a company that did not complete a work order on her house.
The company submitted the check three times over three months for payment and three times the check was returned un-cashed to the company.

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Facockta Digital Rights Management

DRM or — “Digital Rights Management” for the blissfully unbroken — is a dream stuck in Hell and is also the facockta name Microsoft has branded its media licensing initiative and it means if, like me, you choose to rent your downloaded music, instead of purchasing it or stealing it, your life is currently miserable. 

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