U.S. Steel and The Theatre Guild

There was a Golden Decade in American television between the years 1952-1963 when live theatre performances were aired live on the young ABC Television network.  The show was called — ”The United States Steel Hour” — and it was produced by The Theatre Guild, and we’ve never had such a perfect blending of live performance for a national audience.

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The Home Amps Review

If you decide to play an electric guitar, realize right now the sound you make isn’t just in the wood, strings and your fingertips.  You’re going to have to buy a proper amp to bring alive that sound in your head.  Finding “that sound” can quickly become an expensive and lifelong test of your yearning to create that warm, overdriven, rich and lush musicality that defines your spirit and cultures a generation.

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The Definition of a Bastard

One of my best friends and mentor was the late, great, Marshall Jamison and he, above anyone else, taught me many of my most important life lessons — the first of which was the definition of a “bastard.”

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The Longer I Live the Less I Know

When I was 15 years old, my writing mentor and television producer and director and friend Marshall Jamison said during one of our regular, weekly, writing meetings, “The longer I live, the less I know.”

I was rattled because he was 50 years older than I was. I argued with him that I “already knew everything!”

Marshall sat behind his desk at Nebraska ETV and smiled at me.

He nodded as I instructed him the world was “either right or wrong; black or white. What else is there to know?” I think I may have even stood up and put my fists on my hips and leaned into the neutral space dividing us between
his desk.

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More Than a Dead Rolex

After 15 years of service, my stainless steel Rolex Datejust died yesterday. The hands will only move backward instead of forward.
Rolex watches have a terrible reputation for being handsome but then dying at an early age. My Rolex never failed me a day in 15 years and I will miss its ugly magnifying bubble for the date and its dull blue face. 

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