The Imaginary Integer

One vote. One nation. One dream. One spirit. One soul. Except — when, as a person, you’re only worth three-fifths. Who chooses the fraction? Who creates the integral definition of one human life over another based on decimals, point schemes, and not on whole numbers? We like to believe the world is as fair, and as ordered, as our parents promised us it would be. Two arrives after one. The opposite of amber is divinity. The soul of humankind is undisturbed, except by the precepts of intentional evil clinging to the moon to cleave the star. We live in a numeric world, where measurements are predictable, dreams are quantified, and dissolved in commandments, and end games are more than simple crucifixions.

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Attacking the Common Core: Building a Nation of Illiterate, Xenophobic, Non-Mechanical, Artisans

We’re in trouble in the good ole USA.  Our academies of higher learning are giving in to the bad behavior of the students seeking to earn diplomas from their educational institutions.  Our values as a civilization are under attack by leading educators who wish to dumb-down the curriculum to better suit students who are applying to colleges stupider, less talented, and much more self-interested than ever before.  The disconnect between classroom realism and real life reality is enough to make your brain explode in flames as you come to realize our great nation of minds is quickly decaying into a leveling pit of repurposed mediocrity:

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Crafting Cognitive Math

How do we learn how much of something makes up something?  We are hardwired to be able to quantify amounts — that tree has more fruit than the other; that river is faster than the one upstream; that basket can hold more corn than that pail — but how is the next step learned between that quantification and the ability to divide, subtract and multiply using cognitive and associate math that even preschoolers can comprehend?

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The 24-Hour Woman

Would you want to invent a 24-hour woman? Would you mind molding your future wife out of silicone and wires? Le Trung found his fantasy woman in his hands built of bits of steel and a bucket of screws.

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Helping a Math Dunce

I have never been a math genius. Or even a math sub-genius. Or even a non-genius. In fact, I’m a bit of a Math Dunce. I need your help in solving a math problem.

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