Liberace and the Ring of Terror

The Scott Thorson/Liberace biopic — Behind the Candelabra — premiered last night on HBO, and while it was a sharp looking movie with excellent acting from Matt Damon and Michael Douglas, one could not help but feel the pure terror of Liberace’s life and how his sexuality pinned his desires and did not allow him to be the man he was in private in his public life.  That sort of forced hiding creates an internal, ringed, terror and that fear makes men monsters.

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Matt Damon Defends Teachers

Matt Damon recently stood up for teachers and the teaching profession.  He crushes the Peter Thiel method of thinking about education, as I described, on April 26, 2011:

Society is materialistic.  The university used to be a safe haven where ideas mattered and thoughts were given greater standing than finding ways to make more money.  Peter Thiel believes higher education is a bubble ready for the bursting — but you can only agree with Thiel’s thesis if you also believe students attend university to get a job.  I don’t happen to purchase his premise.  I believe students should attend university in order to learn what they do not know.

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