The Instant Now, the Immediate Me

Why are we unable to deal our own distress and misery? Instead of self-healing from within, we turn to others for tempering our immediate needs and our demands for instant satisfaction.

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The Shat is Back!

The Shat is back!” — that’s the ABC television promotional slogan for The Shat!William Shatner’s unwatchable new gameshow, Show Me the Money!

Am I the only one offended by that slogan?

I guess the FCC and the ABC censors don’t get the tawdry joke — that is no joke at all — because the show’s on-air promotional material also uses “Shat-Tastic!” and “The Shat Hits the Fans!” and other dreary “Shat-isms” to dirty up the eye and ear of the wanton network viewer.

I wonder if the ridiculous dancers on the show are referred to as “The Shatted” and if the contestants are called “The Shatted Upon?

Shat” — in case you are not aware — is the past and past participle of: “Sh*t.”

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