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Disposable People

We are all disposable.  The longer we live, the closer we move to the trash bin.

As we age, and become less than we were, technology strives to keep us alive, to help the heart keep pumping and to keep the skeletal architecture of us strong and the impulse of our muscle twitching.

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Mercy Killing or Murder?

Over the last 24 hours at least 20 comments have been submitted — many broke our Comments Policy and did not get published — for my four-month old article on the Katrina aftermath called When Drowning Is Not Good Enough.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Erasing the Mind

Are we our minds? Or are we our bodies? I believe we are our minds and never our bodies. The body is disposable. The mind, with the right protections and preservations, can live forever. The brain is a container for the mind and the mind is a neural network of memories.

Those memories, both the learned and the innate, form a perception of us and others. When the container is unexpectedly corrupted — when the brain is damaged by injury or disease or psychic trauma — strange things begin to happen.

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Self Medicating Misery

Yesterday we discussed how the “true artist” in society can sometimes be tamped down and placed on medication in order to fit into the mainstream world. The price of that tamping is the loss of the birthright inspiration to create art that magnifies and enchants experience.

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A Stroke of Chance

My grandmother, who should live to be one hundred and twenty, was admitted to the hospital for the first time in the over 91 years she has been alive. She had suffered a stroke. The last few days have been full of reflection, with special thought being paid to the subject of last month’s column.

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