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What the Proposition 8 Protest Taught Us

Proposition 8 passed in California overturning the Gay marriage law by 5% margin. In the two weeks since the election, activists have been going on TV and torturing the Mormon Church for their $20 million campaign to Pass the Prop and they have been educating people about the fairness of love in any marriage:

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Miracle Myth Memes and the Propagation of Hope in Wen Chuan

The recent earthquake in Wen Chuan, China gives us a moment to reflect on our mortality in sorrow, express a renewed appreciation for being alive, and an opportunity to learn how we grieve and how we always try to look for stories of hope in the propagation of news from a disaster site.

I call those propagated stories of incredible survival — “Miracle Myth Memes” — and they are a fascinating cultural salve against the unthinkable.

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Separating Semaphores from Semiotics

We love a Semiotic world where images can have a variety of meanings and influences depending on the eye perceiving the message.  

We also live in a Semaphoric world where specific images have a specific, non-negotiable, meaning that cannot, and must not, be open to individual interpretation.  In the image below, those flags, in that exact position, mean “Romeo” or “R” and if you don’t understand that Semaphore, you are unable to communicate or be understood.

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RelationShaping with David W. Boles

It is my honor and delight to announce today the creation of a new blog I’m writing — RelationShaping — where we try to give form and meaning to the way technology re-frames and transforms the human body in a relational universe.  Here’s our new semiotic semantic logo that serves our mission:  “The Spear of Technology Piercing the Body In Situ ->(” and we are grateful for your company.

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