Darth Disney: Life Beyond Lucas for Star Wars

Last month I wrote about what I felt was a betrayal of the deathbed wishes of Charles Schulz — that his comic not be continued after he passed away. Publisher extraordinaire David W. Boles posited as a comment on that article that art should move on beyond the life of the artist. I agree in principle, although I still think that a well respected artist should get his wish if he explicitly asks that nobody attempt to make original art based on his or her designs after death.

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Four Days in Disneyland

For my twenty-eighth birthday (celebrated just yesterday), my girlfriend’s parents presented us with a dream vacation to magical Disneyland. Her parents knew how much I wanted to go there for the 50th anniversary (celebration started in May of this year) and so they thoughtfully put us there. Though all did not go as planned and there were some mishaps, it was for the most part just as exciting as we hoped it would be.

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