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Daring David Pogue

We just finished writing the Google Apps Administrator Guide for Thomson Publishing and we are now Daring David Pogue.  We have composed the following missive to the master Mac author:

Dear David Pogue:

We are daring you — actually, DOUBLE SECRET daring you (and when “we” say dare we mean “I’ but there is more power in the collective imagination) — to ignore us.

We are coming at you — hard and heavy in all your safe places and in The New York Times Square tower — by writing two new Apple books for Thomson/Cengage Publishing due to hit international bookshelves soon:

Picture Yourself Learning Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard


Picture Yourself Learning Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

We are hungry.  We are dedicated.  We are fast.  We will outlive you!

Thank you.


David W. Boles (aka “The WordPunk“) Boles Books Writing and Publishing

NOTE: We have yet to actually send that note directly to Mr. Pogue for we are in fear of appearing ungrateful and inappropriate in the light of our ongoing love of his previously hard-won books on the Mac OS and Apple.

P.S.: We also mention here and now we are writing another new book for Thomson called Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1 and it includes a Bonus DVD for learning the signs and phrases.  Janna M. Sweenie is once again our co-author after our raging success writing Hand Jive:  American Sign Language for Real Life together.

Writing Four Books in Five Months

It has been a wild week and I am pleased to announce I will be writing three new books for Thomson/Cengage Publishing.

I recently finished my Google Apps Administrator Guide book for Thomson and we are now doing three more books together.

Two books will be published before the end of 2007 — that means I will have written four books in five months for Thomson and while that is a witty and wacky writing pace, that’s the publishing business: You’re either wanted now — RIGHT NOW! — or you suffer in silence. 

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The Empty Syringe: No Mail for You!

If you are reading this I know you are an email addict.
You live for the ping. You crave the pop-up notification. Your hands sweat just a little as you open a waiting communique.
How often do you check for new email?

Every day? Twice a day? Every hour? Every five minutes?

I have friends at Microsoft who — a decade ago before it was fashionable to be “always on” and “forever in touch” — set their email program to check for new mail messages every sixty seconds.
That behavior was disturbing then — and quaint now.

My how time and tide have changed!
Those who own BlackBerry devices have “real time” email where your BlackBerry tickles — and gets tickled back — checking for new messages all day every day every second of the day: The instant new mail arrives you are notified.

How many email accounts do you regularly check a day? I am currently using 15 separate email accounts.

My previous high a few years ago was 25. I manage all my accounts online via Google Apps for Your Domain Premier Edition: a 10 gig email store is an addict’s syringe!
Do you use an email program to download your mail or do you strictly use a web interface to interact with your email?

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Google Apps for Your Domain Premier Edition Review

Today Google announced the Premier Edition of their fine Google Apps bundle of programs aimed directly at the heart of Microsoft’s Office suite of applications.

I love Google Apps so much I’m writing a book about it for Thomson Publishing called Google Apps Administrator Guide. We have discussed Google’s plans for World Domination in helping you collaborate on the Internet and the Premier Edition of Google Apps for Your Domain is the next step in working together in new and spectacular ways. Here’s what the new Dashboard looks like:

Google Apps for your Domain Premier Edition!

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Microsoft Rips Page from Google Playbook

Ripping a page from the Google playbook, Microsoft have stepped up to compete with Google Apps for Your Domain by offering you a free Office Live Basics website and communications portal.

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Top Ten Reasons I Hate My MacBook Pro

Yesterday we discussed the Top Ten Reasons I Love my MacBook Pro and today, to be fair, we look at the darker side of the MacBook Pro in the definitive Top Ten List of Hates:

1. Heat: The 17-inch MacBook I have runs hot. Because the case is made of metal the heat goes directly from inside the machine to the case and outside right to your hands. I don’t mind the heat so much but, compared to my other Windows laptops made of plastic, I wonder if this burning MacBook metal is a better or worse sensation or if my wondering is merely being sensational.

2. Whine: It seems many MacBook Pros have an annoying high-pitched whine that Apple cannot seem to fix or even make it clear if they think the problem exists or not. I don’t mind the whine so much — many blame it on the new Intel chip in the MacBook Pros and Intel blames Apple and Apple says nothing — because I always have iTunes playing, the TV is on, the radio is turned up and my Vornado fans are blowing full blast. My poor cat, however, refuses to sit on my lap now. The whine hurts his ears and in a quiet room it hurts mine, too. I can’t imagine using this MacBook Pro in a library where quiet is the mandate of the day: I’d be tossed out on my dual-core.

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