Unplugging the Prison Microwave

Rogue inmates are part of the criminal genius community:  Without their evil cunning and punishing intelligence and their clever ability to create something out of nothing for self-profit — they would not be behind bars.  Only the SuperGenius mind would think to use Vaseline as an implement of death in Lansing, Michigan:

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Wyoming Allows Muslim Meals and Prayer

Sometimes those under the Panopticonic eye are able to turn the gaze of punishment from them to their gaolers:

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1970 Diet Plate and the Microwave Nation

I have a vague memory of the late 1970’s in Middle America where every female member of my extended family was on a daily diet — at least when in the public company of others. The standard 1970’s diet plate — in case you need reminding or edification — consisted of the following:

  • A lump of cottage cheese
  • A lean, grey, paper-thin “extra lean” hamburger patty on wilted lettuce
  • One slice of tomato
  • One canned peach slice in light syrup
  • Non-sweetened iced tea, weakly brewed

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