My New Old MacBook Pro 17-inch LCD Review

I am a proud owner of one of the first MacBook Pro 17-inch machines that made their debut two years ago — yes, I have a dreaded “A Revision” box — but that machine still sits next to me today and it has served me well through the writing of five books and it has never given me a moment of discontent… except for a bulging battery… but I never lost use of the machine in the battery swap with Apple.

Today, I am the prouder owner of what will likely be the last revision of the current MacBook Pro line before all the new Apple machines begin to look and feel like the MacBook Air. I couldn’t be happier with my new “old style” MacBook Pro.

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10 Million is Beneath 50 Million

A woman I knew back in Nebraska came from rich parents. No one was good enough to date her. One parent was a lawyer. The other raised show horses. She was “given” $10 million over the course of her young life. Twenty years later, as woman on the prowl in New York City, she met a man and fell for him. However, his family did not approve of her because “she is only worth $10 million” while their son was worth $50 million in inherited money and she was “too far beneath him” to be considered marriage material, let alone the mother of his children.