Eric Clapton and Andy Fairweather Low Unplugged Again — Deluxe Version

Starting today, you can buy a brand-new “Deluxe Edition” of Eric Clapton‘s bright and pleasing, March 1992, Unplugged concert on MTV.  Yes, you get a remastered CD, with six new songs and a DVD that curates the entirety of the MTV performance.

Every and all guitar players must purchase both the album and the video performance if you want to understand just how a light hand — a slowhand — survives in performance when blended with voice and rhythm.

Clapton is at his very best in this acoustic guitar showcase, and you really come to understand the genius of his playing.  He is an old-pro master and I don’t think he’s been more interesting in anything he’s done since that historic, six-Grammy-award-winning, performance.

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Robin Thicke and the Greatest Crevasse in the Modern World of Crass

Why does it seem the longer we live, the crasser the world around us becomes?  Language degrades into cursing every other word and sportsmanship on the basketball court, gridiron and baseball diamond become all about who can be the loudest, and not who is really the best team player.

The greatest crevasse in the modern world of crass is found in the entertainment business.  Decades ago, we had quieter movies and songs and other Art that challenged our thinking and emotion; while today, we are “bonked” over the head with obviousness and bad taste and the resurrection of outright misogyny masquerading as a music video.  Nothing is left to imagination.  It’s all obvious, bad taste.

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MTV’s 16 and Pregnant Reveals Punishing Sorrows

We all know abstinence, as a birth control method, is not a good way to avoid pregnancy because the failure rate for abstinence is 100% if a tiny drop of a mistake is made — and many young people today have variable definitions of sex that goes far beyond simple penile penetration of the vagina.  You have your sloppy oral sex.  You have your crude anal sex.  You have your various raw rubbings and rubbery gruntings in the back seats of cars and on den sofas.  You don’t know when a drip or a dribble might take a turn for the worse and a baby is the made as the result of a quick-release lust.  MTV has a terrific show called — 16 and Pregnant — and it is a magnificent piece of reality television that puts the truth to the lie that unplanned teen pregnancies, and unwed teen moms, are something to be celebrated in the media.

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The Jersey Shore Bookshelf

I understand book publishers are happy when books they publish sell many copies. I wish that this fiscal success did not have to come at the cost of the integrity of American society. Let us look at some forthcoming titles and ask ourselves how we got to the point that it has been acceptable to allow books by reality television stars to appear in book stores next to decent books. First, there is the news that Mike “The Situation” Sorentino has signed a book deal worth six figures.  This was followed shortly by news that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has a book deal. We have to wonder, how did these barely literate people get book deals? The answer has to lay in the money, of course — the money that the book publishers are expecting to make.

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Deconstructing Katy Perry

Katy Perry is everywhere playing on Palladia in her MTV Unplugged performance.  Her presentation is so perfect and so Aristotelian in fiber and being that we begin to think she will never again be as great as she was at age 24.

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Kanye West Throws a Fit at the Video Music Awards

When I was a child, I was told that it didn’t matter whether you won or lost because it was how you played the game that mattered the most. I can’t help but think that rap artist Kanye West, master of crybabyism, never took that lesson to heart. Over the past five years, Mr. West has taken it upon himself to find every opportunity to loudly complain when things have not gone his way — some of which have been well documented.

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Violent Crime and American Football

I was looking at Google Trends the other day and something strange stood out to me: A rather unfamiliar name appeared three times in the top ten search result with two different spellings. I knew immediately that I had to do some kind of investigation to find out who this man was and why everyone was searching for information about him and the faux-celebrity known as Tila Tequila.

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