The Secret to Subconscious Multitasking: Pretend You Have No Idea What You Are Thinking

We think, and conscious lives are fed by our subconscious mind and inflicted behaviors unwittingly become us.  In a recent conversation with Gordon Davidescu, we examined sleep learning and the power of the subconscious mind in the comments stream:

I take walks, too, when I get stuck on a problem. I go out, think about other things and then later on the answer magically appears on its own. Consciously letting go of the problem is the key to making it happen. That’s the hardest part to learn because we tend to want to actively seek solutions until we feel we’ve solved it. Letting go of unsolved things is tricky.

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Remaining in the Unitasked Moment

Some recent reading has led me to believe that I spend not nearly enough time living in actual moments — I am constantly trying to do five things at once and not getting any actual benefit from any of them. What have I read that has taken me down this path? First, I read a chapter in the most recent book by AJ Jacobs, The Guinea Pig Diaries.

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The Multitasking Myth

In our current, modern, lives — where we are ruled by our still untamed electronic frontier — we are led to believe more is more and less is not enough.

Instead of concentrating on one thing as our ancestors did — making a fire, milking the cows, mowing the lawn — we are now expected to do three things simultaneously and do them all well.

This push to do everything at the same time is called Multitasking and scientific research is beginning to prove that doing more than one thing at a time divides us, shears away our attention and actually creates messy work in the end:

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