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We Own the Devil Note

We are pleased to announce today that now also owns the domain name  That means if you type in your web browser, you will be brought right back here!

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Dubya: How to Ruin an Initial

For most of my life I was known as “David Boles” or just “Boles” — because I would never answer to my first name alone because almost everyone I knew in school was also named “David.”  A few years ago, I decided to add my middle initial to separate myself from at least 13 other David Boles people in the world — and the “David W. Boles” was born.

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Hose Hotrod’s Crunk Petrol

In the name of unity, and in the spirit of reconciliation as the realization Sarah Palin will soon be the new Vice President of these United States, let it be known today we have re-named this blog from — David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic — to “Hose Hotrod’s Crunk Petrol” thanks to the ingenious Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator.
With Palin giving her children ridiculous names born for the mocking — Trig, Willow, Piper, Track, Bristol — it was inevitable the rest of the free world would follow her example.  As you can see below — “Boles” — in Palin-Speak translates into “Hose Hotrod…”

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Curse of the Common Name

Do you suffer from the “Curse of the Common Name” Common Nameor are you one of those blessed with a truly unique name that identifies you before anyone actually meets you?

I’ve always hated the name “David” because it was so common.

I much preferred “Keith” growing up but I never had the gumption to insist others actually refer to me by that name.

My father wanted to call me “Rocky” but my mother demanded the ordinary safe “David” harbor to the extraordinary rough shore. I’m not thrilled with the idea I was almost a Rocky, but anything is better than the “beloved” David.

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Network Solutions Confesses

I realize the past couple of weeks have heavily dealt with blog entries here about technical issues that concern my web hosting move from LunarPages to Network Solutions.

Forgive me for another entry in that vein, but I need to share an update with you about the slow database interaction between this blog and Network Solution’s implementation of MySQL (pronounced “My S-Q-L” and not “My Sequel” — “Sequel” is the name of an IBM database — so we shouldn’t confuse the two even though hardcore engineers love to slang it up with the “Sequel” mispronunciation; just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’s correct.

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The Isherwood Indictment

My biological father’s last name is Isherwood. I was born David Isherwood. My biological father left my mother and me 10 days after my birth (the divorce court, I am told, had ordered him to stay 10 days after I was born and he stayed exactly 10 days to the minute). Not a moment longer. Not a month in the basement to help out my mother and their new son. Nothing. He was gone and in the arms of another woman so he could start a new family with her. My biological father went on to father three more children with his second wife. They divorced a few years ago.

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Deconstructing My Name

by María L. Trigos S. Gilbert

Hi, my name is María L. Trigos S. Gilbert. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I am now living in the USA; now let me tell you how I got here. One day, I was in a mission trip, preaching the Gospel, when I met Billy Gilbert, my husband (I call him my “gringo” – a gringo is a North American, colloquial term in Latin America ). At first I thought that he was an Italian for how he looked. But gosh, I was wrong because when he spoke, I found out from accent that he was a North American, and a very nice one.

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