Going Tines-Up: The Immigrants Among Us

I find it horrifically fascinating that we, The United States of America
— a nation born of immigrants — and yet, when the same immigrants
reach out to our shores and cross our borders searching for a better
life of well-being, we shun them as cravenly as the Original
Native American Founding Fathers
shunned us with guns and defense
lines.  Arizona should be ashamed of its Racist immigration policy that
only damages and harms and does nobody any good.

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Teaching the Native American Lie

I wasn’t too different than most children who grow up in the United States and take lessons in history — specifically, the history of the United States, and how it came to be. We learned about the pilgrims and the Native Americans, and how wonderfully everything went when the pilgrims settled the colonies in an effort to escape religious persecution. We learned about the first Thanksgiving meal and how the Pilgrims learned so much about growing new crops and making homes.

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