The Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter Review

When you have a cat living in your home — I don’t mean the cutest cat in the hat kind of cat, but rather the sort that stares at you right in the eye and tends to ignore what you are trying to tell him or her — one of the things with which you will contend on a daily basis is the litter box. If your cat is not trained to use the toilet the litter box is something that your cat is going to be using every day — several times a day, it sometimes seems.

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Is Alternative Medicine a Placebo?

Sometimes a mother’s loving touch can heal a hurt better than a pill. Can breathing and positive thinking also make us well?

The public is far ahead of medical experts and politicians on alternative medicine. A Harvard Medical School survey done 10 years ago found that more than 40 percent of Americans used some form of alternative medicine. It’s probably higher today. The study found that Americans spent as much out of pocket for alternative treatments as they did for conventional health care.

Front-line doctors — those of us who spend all day seeing patients — are also interested in alternatives. An American Psychiatric Association official told me that when they asked their physician members what they wanted to learn, alternative medicine was high on the list. Your average doctor wants alternatives to drugs — as long as they’re backed up by good research.

How did we move from the medicine man, to shamanism, to the country doctor to the idea that a pill can heal everything? Did big pharmaceutical money ruin our natural, intrinsic, healing meme?

Gay in the Womb

Reuters is reporting today a study claiming male sexual orientation is determined in the womb before birth. This “sexual orientation-maternal immune response” theory suggests a mother’s reaction to her male fetus is see as a “foreign body” in her body and her immune system goes into subconscious overdrive to purge the male within her. 

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