Carrie Underwood’s Wooden Live Performance in the Sound of Music

I wasn’t planning on writing about Carrie Underwood’s painfully wooden live performance last night in NBC’s misbegotten, and ill-fated, “dead” re-enactment of the fabulous Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, “The Sound of Music.”

All the promotional wind leading up to the live event immediately prickled senses in the wrong direction.  The show was being sold as some sort of feel-good, happy children, sparkling story full of singing and wonder and dancing when, in reality, the musical is actually extremely dark and threatening and dreary.

The musical moments in “The Sound of Music” drive the frightening plot forward into a total, creeping, Nazi occupation — and it is in the artful context of that delicate balancing between whistling in the graveyard while staring death straight in the face — that made Rodgers & Hammerstein musical geniuses.

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The Fallacy of the Nazi Label

Quite frequently when people engage in political arguments, they get increasingly aggressive. At some point they almost always use an analogy that is so completely useless and yet overused that when it is used online it has been memeingfully associated with a name — Godwin’s Law — which states that the longer an argument goes on online, the more likely that someone will invoke a Nazi analogy.

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The Necessity of Expressionism in a Modern World

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari — “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” — is a silent 1920 German Gothic movie that set the new standard for terror in a darkened theatre, and that movie also epitomizes the artistic ideal of “Expressionism” that took populist hold in Germany after World War I.

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Aryan Nation Easter Eggs

As perceptions change and a minority Race is perceived as rising above the power majority — the result is a growth in hate crime rates — and the rising, public, face of hate-seeking organizations like the Aryan Nation pound us asunder.

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Amazon Online Reader Review

I love my Kindle book reader but I also, finally, took the plunge to discover the Amazon Online Reader.  If you haven’t used this online service from Amazon yet, you should “upgrade your eligible books” to include the Online Reader version — especially if you’re doing hard research — because you can search the entire book and set a bookmark and you own the book for the rest of your life online:

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