What Makes a Word Ugly?

Why is it some words and phrases out there are pleasant to hear, while others just grate on the nerve like fingernails scratching against chalk? Am I the only person who has such a passion for certain words and a disdain for others? I surely am not. Let’s look at some of these words, expressions — bon mots — shall we?

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How Can You Stick with the Winners?

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Stick with the winners. That’s a powerful lesson as taught to me by none other than my dear friend, Joe Rich. What I am referring to is not the people who are necessarily successful in life, but the people who have positive, successful attitudes. By surrounding yourself with people that have such attitudes and avoiding people who are mired in negativity and a lack of motivation, he told me, you can be pushed to do better and rise above your own expectations. Here are some examples from my own life; they are of course exquisitely disguised as I am not too keen on libel lawsuits. You can judge for yourself which ones are the winners and which are the ones to be avoided and excised from your life.

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To Those of Filthy Mouths

The longer I live the more crass the world becomes.

It is commonplace today for many to use curse words at will — equally against the beloved and strangers.

Where is this awfulness in spirit and communication born; is it a lack of accountability, education or self-worth?

When the first words out of a mouth in space or fingers in email is
a curse word, one is immediately branded as an unfortunate ingrate for
invoking such wretched language.

The wages of that sin is an eternal and ephemeral death at the hands
of the unwilling who refuse to listen to or respond to that kind of
innate negativity.