Setting Up GZIP for Google Site Performance

The Google always has its eye on you whether you like it or not, but sometimes, you can turn around that Panopticonic gaze to do you some good as in the case of the recent “Site Performance” release as a new part of the Google Webmaster Tools suite.  Sometimes just adding fans to propel your websites faster into the internet ether just isn’t enough to make a difference with a distinction.

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Pair Networks QS-1 Server Upgrade Review

When you life your life on the web, the most important part of that devil’s bargain is finding the precisely right web hosting service that can meet your needs while sustaining and exceeding the robustness you hope bring to lighting up dark niches of the world.  For the past 18 months — our longest stint with any web hosting provider — we have been with Pair Networks on their entry level QuickServe QS-1 dedicated server and we are happy to announce we will be extending our contract with them for another year after upgrading our server to the new standard you see below.

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Your Privacy is Leaking

Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, MySpace and Twitter all hope to create a feeling of loyal warmth and human companionship — but is something more nefarious lurking just out of sight beneath the surface intimacy?

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MIT Gaydar Golden Recipe

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is watching you.  They’re following you on the social networks and making note of your friends.  MIT also has divined if you’re Gay or not — based solely on who your friends are and what relationships they have besides yours.

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Sniffing Out Sweetheart Site Hosting Deals

Today, I want to warn you about Sweetheart Website hosting deals that you may not know about, or fully understand.  Those backroom deals may unwittingly influence your buying decisions.

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Rotating Image Header Tutorial for

We used to run the CUTLINE theme here on your favorite Urban Semiotic and I wanted to bring back our famous Rotating Image Headers that change with every fresh re-load of a page if you happen to be using that theme.

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