Lucky O’Connell Roots for the 49ers in the Super Bowl!

Lucky O’Connell, SuperDog and mighty San Francisco 49ers fan — sits and waits to root on his team for the big Super Bowl win on Sunday!


Lessons Viewed from Afar: Yoga at Bryant Park

One of the greatest things about living and working in New York City is seeing real life happenings that look like staged events.  Janna and I are currently teaching together in Manhattan, and all Summer we have had the pleasure to watch — from our classroom perch on West 40th Street — weekly group Yoga sessions in Bryant Park.  Last night after the final class, I flung open the window and took this image.  You can see the Bryant Park carousel in the foreground and at least 300 yoga students congregating and sprawling on yoga mats on the green.  The students change poses in unison.  It’s like watching a beautiful, magical, dance from afar between the trees.

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Tznuis and the National Football League

Once in awhile I will see a news article about something unfortunate that has happened to someone, and I will think to myself that it wouldn’t have happened had that person been religiously Jewish, because the thing would have been prevented by adherence to a particular law related to behavior. Most recently, I read about Ines Sainz, a reporter for Spanish-language program DeporTV, who got some rather unwelcome comments from members of the New York Jets while reporting on a story. I was reminded of the Jewish obligation to dress in a manner that is considered tzniustic.

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