Side Assaults and Medication Induced Nightmares

If you are on maintenance medication for depression or your heart or some other long-term illness, one thing you should always be aware of when taking a new medication is its effect on your dreams.  Your doctor may not care about your fruitful dream state, but you care because you must. Your dreams are the pathway to a prescient future.

Sometimes, the medicine-induced dream-influencing doesn’t happen for a few months, or the fitful sleep arrives in dribs and occasional drabs that leads to a dribbling memeing.  I discovered, through trial and error, and the momentary comparative experience, that Benicar, my blood pressure medication, was indicating horrific nightmares for many months.

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Nightmares and Oversleeping

I love to sleep.

I do it every day.

When my head hits the pillow I’m asleep and five hours later I’m awake.

No problem.

The sleep trouble comes when I decide to sleep in an hour or two.

The nightmares start after hour five.

I am visited by ghosts from the past and awful memories that trigger a racing heart and night sweats.

I have no idea why this happens but I do my best not to oversleep because the terrors are real and terrific.