The Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review

My wife and I were first introduced to the Medela Symphony in the hospital where my wife gave birth to our son via emergency c-section. Our friend and doula told us that it was the best breast pump she knew to, so to speak, establish the milk supply that would be necessary to properly feed our son.

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The Tropicana Nipple

PepsiCo have done it again!  First, they re-designed the Pepsi bottle to look like a wrinkled penis and now they have recalled the redesigned Tropicana orange juice carton because the cap — in the shape of half an orange — actually looks like a human nipple.

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Perverting the Nipple

The original title of today’s post was Sexualizing the Breast. I later realized that title wasn’t quite right and I changed it to be more precise: Sexualizing the Nipple.

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