Taking the Mechanism Out of Man

In 1931, George Orwell wrote a magnificent essay simply entitled, “A Hanging.” That piece is a hauntingly simple story of a prison execution.  There is no fantasy in the dying and we are made real and substantial witnesses.

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Are Nooses Hate Crimes?

The Jena 6 happening brought nooses back to the mainstream mindset and we now seem to be in the midst of a media frenzy where nooses are seen everywhere and people are put on edge just waiting to be insulted by a length of knotted rope so they can express their indignant outrage.

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Jena is No Selma and the Politics of Boredom

The march on Jena, Louisiana yesterday is being compared by some in the Black community as a “modern day” march on Selma, Alabama in 1965 and Jena is serving as a political sounding board for Jesse Jackson to accuse Barack Obama of “Acting White” for not supporting the “Jena 6.”

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Attempting Death

Did you ever try to end your life?

Do you know someone who tried to commit suicide?

What stopped you from finding death?

What saved your friend from meeting success?

I’ll go first… Several years ago after purchasing a handgun I was overwhelmed with melancholia.

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