Hurricaneville, North Carolina

by Diane Buccheri

Oh, what to do? Stay or go? It’s always a nerve wracking decision and after the decision is made, the following consequences are equally nerve wracking.

My nerves were never wracked in such a way before I moved to a small island of shifting sand surrounded by water though hurricanes have always appeared in my life. Having grown up in a wooded area of suburban Connecticut, a few category 1 hurricanes (the weakest category of hurricane force wind speeds) visited my Connecticut home, knocking down trees and power lines. Trees were crashed together and often knocked each other over, but I never felt life endangered. At college in southern California I was huddled in the dormitory during a western, Pacific hurricane (much to my surprise). The first floor of the dorm was glass enclosed and the glass got smashed in. School was canceled for a day or two, the Santa Monica pier was toppled, and the horses at the ranch where I was riding became spooked and not rideable. Oh, too, I went for a swim at the Santa Monica beach and found myself tumbled, pinned to the ocean floor, wondering if my neck had been snapped, and pulled out by my big, Hawaiian surfer boy classmate who had accompanied me to the beach that weekend following the hurricane.

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Needles & Pins on Cape Hatteras Island

by Diane Buccheri

Due to excruciatingly high temperatures on the North Carolina mainland this summer, a thermal effect with hot winds over cooler seas has developed off the coast of a small island with a moving lighthouse. A chain of islands called the Outer Banks lies in the Atlantic ocean fifty miles east of the North Carolina mainland. The ocean breaks onto the eastern side of these islands while a body of water referred to as the Sound gently laps the western side of the island. The Sound stretches fifty miles to the mainland. Basically, the Outer Banks act as a barrier, protecting the mainland from the powerful Atlantic waves. Just off the ocean side of one of these islands named Cape Hatteras Island is a compilation of shoals which has wrecked many a ship. Hence, the area s nickname, Graveyard of the Atlantic.
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