Meanwhile, in North Korea…

Meanwhile, in North Korea — while the whole world is watching the Vatican — the next round of Nuclear Bomb testing takes place.  North Korea threw themselves back into the arena as one of the most undesirable rogue governments today by conducting a third round of nuclear tests.  They met with universal condemnation, even from their biggest ally, China.

BEIJING — China said Tuesday that it firmly opposed North Korea’s testing of an atomic device and called for stability and a halt to nuclear proliferation in northeast Asia.

“The Chinese government calls on all parties to respond calmly, solve the problem of denuclearization of the peninsula through dialogue and consultation in the framework of the six-party talks,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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Food for Bombs in North Korea

When I was in school, I read about a popular program that involved trading guns for various things that were considerably more helpful to society and less dangerous to it as well. There were trades of guns for food and guns for toys — the programs were meant to get guns off of the streets and to benefit the hopefully former gun holders. I feared that the same people may have just gone out and illegally acquired more guns so that they could get more toys and food but that was just me.

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Iron Man 2 and On Demand Political Censorship

Today, Janna and I decided to watch Iron Man 2 today using Comcast/Xfinity’s On Demand Pay Per View service.  We spent $6.00USD and we were able to watch a new, streaming, HD movie that was Closed Captioned — so Janna can joy the show — and boy, did we get a censored earful!


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