Michigan State University Cuts Off Alumni Email to Spite Their University Brand

Sometimes you read things that make such utter nonsense that you wonder how a major institution like Michigan State University manages to remain open and competitive and viable in the modern world with such archaic, Old Worlde, and utterly wrong, notions:

Michigan State University has announced that it will stop providing full-service e-mail accounts to alumni who graduated more than two years ago, a cutback that will affect 117,000 people. Some of them are complaining, but officials say it is a necessary cost-cutting measure.

David Gift, vice provost for libraries and information-technology services, said that the policy had always been to discontinue full-service accounts two years after a student’s last class, but that the university simply had not enforced it. He doesn’t know of any other university that still offers full-service alumni accounts indefinitely; most terminate full e-mail accounts within a year after graduation, or turn them into forwarding accounts. The change will take effect on August 31.

Keeping all those alumni accounts running was costing Michigan State about $600,000 a year, said Mr. Gift. They amounted to about 45 percent of all university e-mail accounts. The money saved can be used to upgrade services for current students, he said.

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Chaim Witz Can't Hide the Hook

Chaim Witz — aka Gene Simmons of KISS — made his television debut on The Mike Douglas Show in 1974.  Gene was 25 years-old, thin and silly and sort of playing a vampire bat role.  The audience had no idea how to react to Gene’s want to eat them.  Was he real?  Or was he playing them?

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Kill all the Pigs

“Kill all the pigs!” — was the fallow and forsaken outcry in Egypt.  “If the pigs are dead,” the ill-rationed reasoning flew, “then we won’t get the swing flu virus.”  Oh, how woefully wrong they were.

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