111111: Eleven Eleven Eleven at Eleven Eleven

Today is Eleven Eleven Eleven. 11/11/11.  November 11, 2011. This article was purposefully published at 11:11am this morning.  I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with all these ones standing in unison, but I am, and shall likely always be, enchanted:

The number one is considered “calming” and “essential” in Chinese numerology and that makes me question if all those ones in today’s date should be taken collectively or singularly.  I prefer to atone to the individual digit and take all the delights that come from pronouncing all those ordered ones.

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The Lesson of the First Number

The Lesson of the Singing Bowl is one of my favorite articles. Today, I will share with you another story taught to me by my Indian yoga guru — The Lesson of the First Number — where I learned about intent, self-determination, and divination.

I added some detail to make the story my own so I could share it with you here.

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10 Million is Beneath 50 Million

A woman I knew back in Nebraska came from rich parents. No one was good enough to date her. One parent was a lawyer. The other raised show horses. She was “given” $10 million over the course of her young life. Twenty years later, as woman on the prowl in New York City, she met a man and fell for him. However, his family did not approve of her because “she is only worth $10 million” while their son was worth $50 million in inherited money and she was “too far beneath him” to be considered marriage material, let alone the mother of his children.