When Breastfeeding is Banned

There are many aspects in life in which I have become increasingly sensitive since my wife and I brought our beautiful baby Chaim Yosef into the world. One of those things is the ever important nutrition of our son. In more recent times it has become less of an issue as he is normally very happy to take milk from a sippy cup (soy, almond, or otherwise) as well as a number of extremely healthy solid foods but for the first nine months of his life he relied on breast milk as a means of sustenance.

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The Boppy Review

From the day we brought Chaim Yosi home from the hospital, he has always expressed a preference in being held over laying in his bassinet or even swinging back and forth in the swing that is on loan from a stepsister. While in the NICU, Elizabeth found a special pillow online called the Boppy — it has brought us much relief and helped us in numerous ways I will detail below.

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The Baby Activity Logger Review

Eating, sleeping and filling diapers — this we are told fills the entirety of a baby’s existence for a good long time. There are many months between birth and the change in this truth. While it holds true (and even for awhile afterward) it is important to be able to be aware of the baby’s status regarding these three activities. When the question arises “when was the last time we changed his diaper?” The correct answer is never going to be “I don’t know.”

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