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Portuguese Food is a Mediterranean Diet

One of the unexpected advantages of my move to Portugal is the change in my everyday diet and the results on my health and my weight.  Portugal is a low density population country, which means that its people can in most areas be fed by local foods and crops. Very few food miles – YEAH!

There are very few processed foods and very few frozen foods available where I am and almost everyone makes their food from scratch using fresh ingredients.  The nearest thing we have to a takeaway is a shop that sells freshly grilled chicken and a home cooked pizza shop where fresh pizzas are cooked on the premises.

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A Growling Stomach Does Not Mean You Are Hungry: The Thropp's Elite-Zyme Pro Review

I sometimes have a growling stomach that is loud enough to entertain others and even do magic tricks at parties.  It’s always embarrassing to hear the rumbling start and so I always try to eat or drink something before an important meeting just to keep those hunger pangs from crying out from deep within my belly.  After one recent eruption during an important, and Church-mouse quiet meeting, I decided I needed to do a little research on why my stomach growling was giving me so much grief.

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Of Public Health, Peanuts on the Floor and Airplanes Falling

After nine deaths and 600 illnesses, the Peanut Corporation of America is finally out of business after successfully and, seemingly, purposefully poisoning the USA peanut butter supply with salmonella.

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