Japan Gets Younger

Japan has a people problem.  An old people problem.  The elderly have gone missing.  Actually, the missing people are dead.  Japan has quickly become younger as their infamous “we live forever” meme has been shattered before their national eye.

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From Old Cooter to Boles Blues

Welcome to the new Boles Blues blog — the newest member of the Boles Blogs Network!

We used to be known as Old Cooter — but before that site even went live, we decided to become Boles Blues instead — and in our next post we’ll explain who we are and what we’re doing here with you.

Thanks for visiting!

The Spongeworthy Theory: Hello Old Shoe!

If you’ve lived long enough on the internet, you know when a great thing is absorbed by a bigger thing — notice I didn’t say “grander” thing — the great thing, more often than not, becomes lesser and everything good about it disappears.  This is “The Spongeworthy Theory” in action:  “Please, sir, could I be absorbed to become something more?”  “But of course, laddie, we’ll take your great idea, suck the life out of it — and you’ll become our new old shoe!”

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Faith in the Dying

The newspaper is dead.  It’s only a matter of moments before we start wiping up the blood and burning the bits of leftover pulp to ash.  We have absolutely zero sympathy for a medium that denied their own end and propagated the memes of the demise of their profitability.

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Leveling the Pendulum: Still No Country for Old Men

My first reaction to the movie — “No Country for Old Men” — was one of revulsion and remorse:  I initially felt there was too much senseless bloodlust for my taste.  Then I watched the movie again and began to appreciate its warning.  Then I watched the movie again and again and again and found a depth of understanding that I find curious and vitally important for humankind.

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