Sharia as Law of the Land in Pakistan

On December 4 2008, I asked — Who is Watching Pakistan? — and today, with the sad news that Sharia is now the law of the land in Pakistan, my original question remains.  Unanswered.

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Who is Watching Pakistan?

Mumbai is still trembling.  There is a want for blood and retribution.  What was Pakistan’s role in the bloodbath?  Will Pakistan pay for their role in reaping the carnage?

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Machismo in the Bomb

by Hugh Faulkner

Pakistan squandered an opportunity to place world ridicule squarely on its most-hated neighbor India. Instead, the nation suffered a case of small man’s syndrome.

The Hatred
Ever since gaining independence from Britain, India and Pakistan have been bitter enemies and have both pursued a course of distrust and aggression. As a result, the citizens of these two nations have suffered the consequences. The efforts of Mohandas Ghandi to fight British oppression with passive resistance precipitated the removal of British influence. Unfortunately, this also led to a period of shame for Ghandi.

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