Bye Bye Pandora and iTunes: The Spotify Review

I signed up for Spotify on Friday, and after only a few days of use, I’m ready to forsake my years with Pandora and iTunes.  Spotify covers those music services with ease and then beats them in the belly of the very beast in which they long to live: Customizability and Variety. With the $10.00USD a month Premium version of Spotify, I can stream high bit rate music and download 3,333 songs each to three separate portable devices like an iPad or an iPhone for non-streaming, offline, listening.  The Spotify library has more than 15,000,000 songs and using Spotify makes me feel as I did when I was using Rhapsody before I had to give up that music service in my move to Mac computers.

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Bumping Your Head Against Comcast Data Caps

On September 5, 2008 I wrote an article — Comcast Kills the Internets – explaining, in detail, why Comcast’s broadband data cap of 250 gigs a month was a terrible idea set to freeze us all in their time and space for what we can and cannot do on the internet in the future.  Today, less than three years later, that prediction has horrifically come true.  When I read in Ozymandias that a user had been cut off from Comcast broadband and given a one year death penalty, I was alarmed, because I knew my concern had come true.  I checked “Users & Settings” on the Comcast website to check my account and broadband usage.

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