Panopticonic Defines Salon Magazine

We know “Panopticonic” is not really a word.  “Panopticonic” is really a “word” I invented for my Boles Network Blog by the same name.  When I started the Panopticonic blog, “Panopticonic” appeared nowhere on the internet and that word failed to return any results in a Google search.  I do so love it so, though, when I get a Google Alert in my Inbox showing me that — “Panopticonic” — is being colloquially employed as a “real world” in a real publication like Salon Magazine.

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Theatre of Two-Way Panopticonism

Paul Woodruff’s new book — The Necessity of Theater: The Art of Watching and Being Watched — is a fascinating read because an argument is made that we learn how to become who we are by what we watch and we are tempered and tested by being watched.

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