A Parade of the Grotesque and the Infinite Now

We met the height of hypocrisy on Friday when Bush gave Grotesque ParadeRumsfeld a “Going Away Parade” while Dick Cheney danced in the grass with admiration — not for the dead — but for the deadly, in the guise of his old-school pal, Rummy.

The parade was also a smiling burial ceremony for the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations.

There’s nothing quite as atrocious as throwing a parade to celebrate all your failures that are measured in pints of blood and countless coffins and not ribbons and flags.

Rumsfeld was given a color guard, marching musicians with piccolo players, a 19-gun salute — Cheney’s shotgun was reportedly not part of the festivities — and the undying applause of his best neocon buddies who all helped him perpetuate the Iraq war in America when we only wanted to pay back Afghanistan.

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