Reconsidering John Mayer

I was never really a big John Mayer fan.  From what little I knew about him, he was an EMO guitar player who dated Jessica Simpson, bad-mouthed Jennifer Aniston and talked about his “White Supremacist” penis in print.

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The AmpliTube and iRig for iPad Review

If you love playing the electric guitar, and if you live in an urban core where you can’t dial all knobs to 10 on you amp, then you will enjoy AmpliTube and iRig for your iPad.  You get probably $15,000.00USD worth of stompboxes and amps and microphones for around $60.00USD.  You need to spend $20.00USD to buy the AmpliTube App from the iTunes store.  Don’t download the free version.  Just pony up the dough for the full-service AmpliTube that includes all the pedals without having to buy them one-by-one for $3.00USD.  Then you need to buy the $40.00USD iRig adapter from a music store that will allow you to connect your guitar to your iPad.

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Pedaling Bipedals

We can ride in urban chariots, or we can do the right thing and use our own predestined people power to motor us from endpoint to endpoint. 
Take a look at the image below to see how moving 72 people can “shrink the road” and prevent city congestion just by getting on two wheels and pressing our legs forward in circles — and if you will give in to the wiles of public transportation, the savings are even greater:

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