No Pension for You

It has always been a fascination when I read about pensions — especially forced pension payments from those who are made to pay as a requirement of their continued employment, with some paying over $800 a month into State “pension” coffers — and how those workers are demonized by the Far Right who believe public servants and private pensioners are somehow taking advantage of those who do not pay into a pension program. Pensions are not payoffs or welfare. Pensions are earned investment money entrusted to public or private equity.

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David Cameron has Blood on His Hands

“David Cameron has blood on his hands.”  Yes, I dare to write those words because, apparently, that is the most evil and disgusting thing I can say — at least according to one judge in the UK — who fined a disabled woman £450 for saying the same thing.

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Making Retirees Pay

There was a time once in America when you worked all your life, retired at a proper age and collected Social Security and a pension until you died.  Those halcyon days are over.  Now, there is a war against the aged in the guise of beating them up to push them out the door instead of giving them gold watches and other incentives to beg off the payroll.  The days of lump sum payments to encourage retirement are long gone.

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Japan Gets Younger

Japan has a people problem.  An old people problem.  The elderly have gone missing.  Actually, the missing people are dead.  Japan has quickly become younger as their infamous “we live forever” meme has been shattered before their national eye.

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The Redlining Headstone

Are you familiar with the term “redlining?”  It’s a dangerous concept because it leads to worker apathy and a lack of motivation in the workplace.  Redlining is a stone in the union arsenal.  A headstone.

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Strikes in France: A Tale of Pension Reforms

by Violaine Messager

France, home of strike? Europe is featured by strike as a frequent resort in Germany or Italy as we have seen recently. By now, the issue of retirement pension reform and the fragile and growing imbalance of the system of repartition in France makes the headlines.

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