Google Pins Kickbee as Malicious

We are too well aware that much of Twitter’s content is comprised of Blogging the Bodily Fluids Stream — and we know how useless it can be.  Twitter also can be useful when used properly. I am here to tell you that Kickbee is here and is number one in uselessness.  When I tried to visit the Kickbee website, I was met with this warning from Google:

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Remaining in the Unitasked Moment

Some recent reading has led me to believe that I spend not nearly enough time living in actual moments — I am constantly trying to do five things at once and not getting any actual benefit from any of them. What have I read that has taken me down this path? First, I read a chapter in the most recent book by AJ Jacobs, The Guinea Pig Diaries.

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Photographs Prove and Forget

I have often wondered why so many people take so many photographs and digital images.  It’s as if they’re obsessed with the recording and the creation of false memory.

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Your Picture is Being Taken

Your picture is being taken. There are hundreds of thousands of phones, many of them iPhones, being sold every month that have the capability of taking high quality digital images and it’s nearly impossible to tell when your picture is being taken.  You could be waiting for a train and someone is waiting with you, taking pictures of you without you realizing it. This is one of the first photos I took. I was waiting for a train and people were standing all around me, also absentmindedly
waiting for a train. I wondered what was the chance that I could take photos of people without their noticing.

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