Describing Skin Color in American Sign Language

Talking about Race in any situation — even in a university setting where teachers and students should feel safe to be blunt and congenial — can pack a certain, uncomfortable, stigma when bringing up the matter.

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Pink Floyd Royalties Fight Reflection

Pink Floyd won a tremendous victory in court this week against EMI, their record company.  The trouble at issue was EMI’s “unbundling” of Pink Floyd albums to sell individual album tracks on services like iTunes instead of requiring consumers to purchase the entire album as required by their contract with the band. 

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Turning White at Thomas Pink

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Normally, when I am enveloped in a retail experience, I can hardly say
that I am overwhelmed by the service
. I am not all too fearful that
things might go badly, but I do not expect to be overwhelmed either. As
long as the people in sales are moderately awake when I arrive, and
occasionally try to answer questions with more than a grunt, I am

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Beating Bloody a 101-Year-Old Woman

Are there some crimes that are so vicious and so tawdry and so incomprehensibly heinous that — even though no one dies — the punishment for the criminal must end in death?
Yesterday, we were introduced to such a warranted death via video surveillance.

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Pink on the President or the President Gets Pinked

The protest song in America has a rich and vibrant history. The musicians — Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Crosby Stills and Nash, Peter, Paul and Mary and especially Bob Dylan — felt a responsibility to bring the voice of the ordinary person in song to the national spotlight in the 1960’s.

Today, we still have Neil Young protesting in verse and Bruce Springsteen’s latest folk record also stings the concept of democracy — and the Dixie Chicks and Green Day have taken their hammers to the overwrought state of national affairs against international interests — but it is P!nk and her new song Dear Mr. President that most effectively confronts the current office sitter on the hypocrisy of his politics and turns his policies directly against the reality of his own life and the lives of those who encircle him. Color me tickled as you watch and listen to P!nk’s poetically piercing political anthem in a live performance — backed by the Indigo Girls — of Dear Mr. President.